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Discraft Crank

The Crank is a high speed driver with a balanced turn and fade that can reach huge distances. Useful for players of all skill levels for lower arm speed flex shots or long turning shots when thrown with power.  This would be considered a Max Distance Driver due to it's understability, which also makes it great for players getting introduced into Distance Drivers.  With some decent arm speed, you won't have to worry about this disc fading out as quickly as some more overstable distance drivers like a Zeus or Force!

Speed: 13

Glide: 5

Turn: -2

Fade: 2

Crank fc.png


We are excited to be able to offer our very own custom merchandise!  Due to shipping limitations, these items must be purchased along with a disc.  Any orders placed for these items without the purchase of a disc will be cancelled and refunded.

Specific colors/stamps for the mini markers can be requested, but are not guaranteed.

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