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Discraft Nuke OS

The Nuke OS is the extremely overstable version of the popular max speed Nuke distance driver, perfect for full power shots and high winds.  This is not a disc that most people will use all that time on every course.  It's more of a utility disc that works very well in certain conditions (high wind) and on certain holes.

This disc specializes in high wind conditions, forehand flex shots, and overhand throws!

Speed: 13

Glide: 4

Turn: 0

Fade: 4

Crank fc.png


We are excited to be able to offer our very own custom merchandise!  Due to shipping limitations, these items must be purchased along with a disc.  Any orders placed for these items without the purchase of a disc will be cancelled and refunded.

Specific colors/stamps for the mini markers can be made, but are not guaranteed.

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