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Types of Plastic

Discs are offered in a wide variety of plastics.  As someone who is new to the sport, this may not make much sense, but there are good reasons for bagging different types of plastics. Some are better in different weather conditions while other offer more or less stability. Let's go over the basics!

For the sake of simplicity, we are going to use Dynamic Discs line of plastic as examples, but every brand tends to have plastics that are comparable with each other!

Base Line

Plastic Name: Prime


  • Cheapest plastic so discs are easily replaced

  • More beginner friendly and understable

  • Good grip in cold weather or wet conditions


  • Least durable plastic

  • Inconsistent long-term flight patterns

Durable Line

Plastic Name: Lucid


  • Great durability; more consistent

  • Tends to be more overstable than other plastics

  • Great choice for higher speed discs that will take a beating


  • One of the more expensive stock plastics

  • Slippery when wet and stiff when cold

Middle Line

Plastic Name: Classic Soft, Medium, and Hard


  • Not the cheapest or most expensive; averagely price

  • Typically a good choice for a putting putter

  • More durable than Base Line, so the disc should last longer


  • Not as durable as a premium plastic

  • Typically not available on higher speed discs

Premium Line

Plastic Name: Fuzion


  • Great durability; more consistent; solid grip

  • Tends to be less stable than Lucid; good variety

  • Great choice when looking for more distance


  • Most expensive stock plastic

  • Beats in a bit quicker than Lucid

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