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Monthly Giveaways

Here at Lone Star Disc Supply, we love opportunities to give back to our community!  We do this in a variety of ways!  If you follow our Facebook page, you will find occasional deals and mystery boxes that we offer to our followers.  The newest way that we have decided to show our appreciation to our supporters and disc golf family is through these monthly giveaways!  You must like/follow our Facebook page to be eligible to win!  The winners will be announced on our page and be contacted via Facebook Messenger. (link below)


First Of The Month

May 1st




For every disc that you purchase from our website, your name will go into a drawing.  On the 1st day of the the following month, we will draw a name and that person will win the "First of the Month" Giveaway!

Think of it like a raffle, but no one leaves empty handed!

Your name gets in the drawing for every disc, not just every order.  So, an order with multiple discs will earn multiple placements in the drawing!  Discs purchased in February will go toward the March 1st drawing!

Monthly Disc Hunt

April 15th



On the 15th of every month we will host a "Virtual Hide-and-Seek".  The time that this takes place will vary from month to month and will be announced on our Facebook page.

There will be an official post on the Facebook page declaring the start of the hunt!


For the Disc Hunt, we will attach a picture of the disc being given away to one of the discs that are currently for sale on our website.  The first person to purchase the disc that has this disc picture (pictured above) with it, will receive the disc that they purchased along with the disc being given away.

Essentially, you will be looking for a 2-disc pack on the website for the price of one disc.  You may need to look a little closer this month. It will not just be an extra image! 

Please refer to our Facebook page if you have any questions!

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